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... to Melbourne

After the successful qualification race in Berlin, I went through intense weeks of training to get myself in top shape. With a good feeling about the World Championship, I arrived down under after a long 28-hours journey with a significant case of jet lag. The initial training days started promisingly – my form remained at a high level, and I could showcase good times during the practice sessions.


1500m Freestyle again

However, on the competition day, some errors crept in. I found myself in the "last call room" too early, and during the race, I struggled to find my rhythm and execute the turns perfectly. The result of 15:00.36 was displayed on the scoreboard at the end, a outcome that left me unsatisfied, knowing that I am capable of performing better.


Nevertheless, despite the significant mistakes, I gained valuable insights and am now well-prepared for the upcoming Pool World Championship, where I am determined to improve my personal best.


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I am happy if you support me on my way to continue making history!

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