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About me


I grew up in Graz , in the southeast of Austria. There I graduated from high school in the competitive sports branch of BORG Monsbergergasse. After that, I did my military service and then started my studies in sports science in Würzburg (GER) , where I have pitched my tents since 2019 due to the better training conditions.

I was able to swim at the age of three, but it all really started at the age of six when my parents signed me up for the swimming club in Graz. 

It was there that my love for swimming developed and when I saw on TV in 2004 Markus Rogan winning a silver medal at the Athens Olympics I knew I wanted to do the same.

I can now call my clubs USC Union Schwimmclub Graz and SV Würzburg 05 my second home. I spend around 35 hours a week doing my laps. Or to put it another way: I swim about 80km a week .
All the training pays off! I'm currently top 30 in the world for the 10km open water , nationally I'm number one. In the pool, too, I am one of the best athletes in Austria over the long distances of 800m and 1500m freestyle . In the meantime, I have also been able to prove myself in Germany, my adopted and training home, and I am one of the medal contenders in the national competitions.

Additionally, I train a small group of hobby triathletes, masters swimmers and sports enthusiasts. Very successfully, as I can proudly say. A seventh place at the German triathlon championships has already been achieved, and a starting place for the very coveted Ironman World Championships in Hawaii has been secured. I benefit from the training for the coaching license in Germany, which I am currently completing.

In the remaining hours of the day, I like to play computer games, edit videos and read manga or watch anime. 


Feel free to contact me!

I am happy if you support me on my way to continue making history!

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