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Austrian nationals 2022

At the Austrian national Championships in 2022 I was able to defend my Titles at the 1500m, 5km and 10km. The competition was tough and showed that I can't rest on my laurels in the future. I work hard to keep improving.



I decided at short notice to at least compete in the 1500m freestyle to defend my title from the previous year. After a complicated arrival on Thursday and the race being postponed from Friday to Saturday morning due to the weather, I was able to keep up the pace right from the start.

In the end i posted my second best time ever to swim and a successful title defense to book - and swam out of the training for the European Championships.

Hard 10km and tactical 5km in open water

At the open water championships in Kufstein, the field was small over the 10 km, but there were a few competitors at the start. After a fairly quick start, I ended up dropping it on the finish sprint that I could decide for myself. It was a good test for the European Championships in Rome and my friend Luca Karl in particular surprised me a lot because he was always able to keep up. I'm already looking forward to the next races! 

The next day's 5km was a slow paced, tactical race where I managed to controlthe field well and confidently defend my title could.

At the end there was still the 4x1250m relay with my team from USC Graz - we were able to 2nd place to back up! I'm super proud of my team!


Feel free to contact me!

I am happy if you support me on my way to continue making history!

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