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European Championships 2022

A chaotic European Championship in Rome (ITA) is behind me. I couldn't live up to my expectations - although there is one 12th place very good and again the best result of an Austrian at a European Championship so far, but I know I can do better.


What a mess!

The European Championship was a huge mess from the start. From denied training sessions in the pool, to forbidden training at the venue, to constant postponements, cancellations and restarts of the races due to the weather. 

In the end I decided to skip the 5km and 25km races as I was looking forward to the Olympic 10km wanted to prepare well.

In hindsight it was a good decision as the 25km race was stopped after 4 hours and completely annulled due to some disagreements. I am very sorry for all the athletes who bravely participated until the race was stopped. 

A 12th place is not always a 12th place

On August 21st, 2022 the race over 10km took place after several postponements. There were already waves at the start and we athletes knew that it would be a tough race due to the bad conditions. And the high pace from the start didn't make it any easier.

I was able to stay in the first group for a long time and was always between 6th and 8th place, but the slump came on the last lap because I crashed through the waves skipping too many meals had to. It ended up being a respectable 12th place out, but I'm not happy with it because I know I can do better and was prepared for more.


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I am happy if you support me on my way to continue making history!

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